Tuesday, January 03, 2006
The First Post of 06

What a great fucking weekend. Did absolutely nothing but eat, lay on the couch, watch tv, eat some more & do lots of nothing. Oh yeah! Getting out of my pj's this morning was pure torture. Another couple of days of that, well, let's not kid ourselves. Another couple of days of that & I wouldn't been able to fit into my pj's. I'm still on the steroids & oh my god... it's like having the munchies without the buzz. All I can think about it food. And what to eat next. And then what to eat after that. All the weight I lost the past couple of months is coming back FAST. Hopefully I'm off the 'roids in another day or so. And not that I expect you to be excited about this but going off the meds means my horrible intenstinal problems are OVER! Keep your fingers crossed. I mean, I actually went out to dinner the other night. Like a real person.

The only dark cloud over the weekend was the crazy neighbor incident. Which? Pisses me off. Then I get more pissed off for lettting her manipulate me like that & then I just get really pissed off. So lady, don't come knocking on my door 'cause there's one pissed off mf'er behind it.

Blogger Janet had this to say:

I go through weird phases where I feel like I'm always hungry. I'm in one right now actually. Only thing is in the past few years I've don't really keep extra weight on. Not that I'm complaining. I never had a fast metabolism as a child so I figure I EARNED this.:)

9:37 PM 

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