Thursday, December 29, 2005
Another Boring Post from The Capital of Boringville

Has time stopped? It feels like it. Actually feels more like "Groundhog Day" [I must confess, I've never seen that movie in it's entirety] -- the same thing over & over again. It's like the only thing that changes is the music on my not-an-ipod & and thankfully, my clothes. This is slow torture, being bored to death. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR adoring blog public (ok, now the boredom is affecting my sanity) I have managed to be pissed off & outraged by several things over the last 24 hours.

Number one on my hit list is Discover Card. Every time those annoying telemarketers call I tell them to stop calling. And you know what? They don't listen. And I've called Discover and have told them to take me off the list or I will cancel my card. Anyway, this MF'ing asshole calls last night and when I asked him where he was calling from told me to shut up. You know what I said? I said FUCK YOU DISCOVER CARD. I called to cancel my card & told them exactly why I was cancelling. And then this other dickwad gives me a hard time about cancelling. Like life cannot go on without having a Discover card. He tells me they'll take me off the call list & when I told him I requested that about 10 times before to no avail, he's all "but this time we mean it". Then tells me, well if you cancel your card now you will have to pay your balance in full within 10 days. All $34.95 that I owe. AND? I had to say, no shit, I want to cancel my card 20 times. Every time I said that he came up with another lameass reason why I shouldn't. If I wasn't so annoyed it would've been funny. So today begins the first day of my Discover-card-less life. I don't know if I can go on.

This next part is for those of you visiting my fair & wonderful city this week. I'm sure none of you actually read my blog but let's pretend that you do. First off, welcome to NYC. I hope you have a lovely stay & no one throws you in front of a subway train. As someone who works with the tourism industry, I know that would not be a good thing. That being said -- GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY WITH YOUR FAT ASS, MONGOLOID LIKE CHILDREN, FANNY PACKS & HOLIDAY SWEATERS. Do you see all these people who look really annoyed? Do you see how you and your brat pack are standing still while everyone else around you is moving? As in they are trying to get somewhere and you are BLOCKING THE DOOR/STREET? Do you know why they look so annoyed? No, I didn't think so, you are apparently as dumb as you look. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY PEOPLE, PLEASE JUST MOVE. Thank you. Enoy your stay.


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