Saturday, December 31, 2005
The Crazy Lady Next Door

As I've mentioned elsewhere (still quite havent figured out how to link a previous post) my neighbor is an extremely needy person. Really needy. For the most part I can deal with her but today? Give me a big fucking break you big emotional wreck.

I have no plans for this evening, and that is my choice. I do not like NYE, and made a very conscious choice to spend it by myself. I LIKE being by myself because I actually LIKE myself. Anyway.... so I come home this afternoon (yes, I went OUT!!) and she's knocking on my door like 2 seconds after I come in. And says to me "I didn't make any plans for tonight and don't want to be by myself. Can I hang out with you? I told her that I had no plans to entertain anyone but myself this evening and you could see she was not happy with that. First off lady: Get some fucking friends. I am not your social director. And maybe, learn some manners? Because that was fucking rude. I tried not to react, I know she's a loon. She asked if I would come help set up her phone/answering machine (she's incapable/unwilling to do this kind of shit). I tell her to knock on my door when she comes back from the store. 20 minutes later, I'm on the phone & she knocks and I tell her I'm on the phone, I'll be over in when I'm done. Not five minutes later she's at my door, crying that she fucked something up, WAH WAH WAH. And this is a 50+ year old woman.
So I go over & she's totally freaking out when really? Nothing was wrong. And she's still all freaking out, telling me not to leave. Honestly? I can't & more importantly, DON'T want to deal with whatever her problem is so I tell her I don't want to be there, I can't help her. She gets all offended, like her problems are my problems and how can I not want to help her? Three words for you: GET OVER IT!! I know she has some emotional problems so I feel kinda bad but more pissed off that's she's trying to make me part of her drama. I don't owe you a damn thing you crazy fucking bitch. God, needy people turn me off!!

On a totally unrelated note: I just read PREP by Curtis Sittenfeld & that was one TOTALLY GREAT & AWESOME book.

Until next year internet....


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