Monday, April 03, 2006
Glory Days

Baseball is back. Home runs. Rain delays. Inning ending double plays. Winners and losers. The Yanks don't play til 10p so I have to wait a few more hours. Which kinda sucks 'cause 10p? That's my bedtime. On the other hand it kinda works 'cause that means there's no conflict with 24 and the glory that is Jack Bauer. Who may or may not be dead *SNORT* if you believe Jack is dead I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, would you be interested?

My friend G is coming up from MD tonight since he has a thing in Jersey tomw. Which is great since he's also a big Yankee fan so it'll be fun to watch the game with him. At least the first few innings 'cause mama needs her beauty sleep. Just hope he doesn't expect me to converse during the Hour of Jack Bauer.

Blogger Stationery Queen had this to say:

NO ONE better talk during Bauer Hour.

Are the plot holes this season starting to get to you? Like if Evelyn knew about the Prez being involved, why did she seem so surprised by Mrs. Logan's being in touch with Palmer and thinking something was going on???

12:37 PM 

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