Friday, July 14, 2006
I Can't Think of a Clever Title To Pull This All Together

It's so fucking hot. SO! FUCKING! HOT! How hot is it? So fucking hot that the only place you should be headed to this weekend is a pool or the beach. Sadly, I am headed to neither one of these destinations this weekend. Not having a pool to go to this summer is so freaking depressing. Not having a tan is even more depressing. Yeah, I tried the fake tanner route but you know what? It's not the real thing. I try telling myself "you're better off, being in the sun is so bad for you" but that doesn't cut it either.

The BF is having a bday party for her daughter this weekend & I'm totally blowing it off. (But I will see the kid next week). The thought of making all that small talk (AGH! KILL ME NOW) with all those people who I could care less about is just too much to deal with.

Which has nothing to do with the point of this post (point? there's supposed to be a point?) Talking to the BF last night, she was talking about meeting me in "the city" for drinks (I hate when people refer to it as "the city" -- it's downtown or Manhattan peoples) because her kids will be off at sleep away camp. Now we never do anything like that anymore because:

a. she has kids
b. lives in the boondocks of suburbia
c. she's a wimp.

I say wimp because she never goes out without her husband or without plans to meet her husband at some point in the evening. You know that type? And it really annoys the hell out of me. Why? It's not just one thing that I can put my finger on or articulate. Maybe I'm a little jealous. Maybe because I think every one should have a life separate from their spouse (I'm not talking about a secret- life type of thing, just something that's about them). Maybe I can't relate at all because I don't have a spouse. Maybe I should stop judging people?

What really got me was the machinations that she was willing to put herself through so that she be able to meet up with him. Hey, maybe if I was willing to do shit like that I'd have a spouse. Hmmm, we'll file that under "food for thought".

God this summer sucks.

Anonymous TJ had this to say:

Or it blows.

12:48 PM 

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