Friday, May 19, 2006
ramblings of a bitter pathetic woman

don't you hate it when you have a snippet of a song in your head & you can't remember what the song title is and therefore can't find it on on your not-an-ipod?

there's a sweet september morning, a sense of autumn on the rise..

hey, can I google that? so fucking cool, that so totally worked. what did we do before google? or the internet for that matter? or not-an-ipods? however, as cool and great as all those things are I still stay there's no more important invention than indoor plumbing. we could live without our microwaves and direct tv but having to shit outside? no thank you.

several things on my mind today. the first being how fucking much i hate people. more specifically, fucking smug married people who have no clue what it's like to be unattached and say stupid idiotic shit about stuff they know NOTHING about. situation: there's this reunion thing-y which i'm a bit hesitant to go to for several reasons. one of the reasons is i hate to go to these type of things alone. just walking into any bar/restaurant by myself makes me very uncomfortable. even if i know that on the other side are 20 people i do know. that's just me. when i mentioned this to a certain friend, a certain friend who's been with her spouse since she is 19, therefore never having been a single ADULT, she tells me how stupid that is. WTF? you've never had to go to a social function by yourself (as I have done a million fucking times) and you're me telling it's stupid to feel the way I feel?
FUCK YOU is what i said in my head but kept my mouth shut. walk a mile in my shoes and then talk to me asshole.

more reasons why i am on the fence reunion thing-y wise. i totally look like shit and have absolutely nothing to wear. life was so much easier when i could hide under my winter clothes. another thing? while there will be 3 or 4 people i really want to see there's plenty of people going that i could not give one shit about. also? all the awkward small talk? ACK! i'm gonna see if i can meet up with some of the old buds prior maybe that would work.

actually tomw i'm supposed to go the bridal shower of the stupid-girl-at-work-who won't-shut-up about her wedding. but since i'm all anti-shower that's not happening. seriously? a fucking shower gift on top of the engagement and wedding gift? why do I have to shower you with gifts because you decided to get married? do you remember that sex and the city episode where Carrie registers herself at manolo blahnik? let me see if i can google the quote (i'm loving google today)

Carrie: "Think about if, if you are single, after graduation there isn't one occasion where people celebrate you...Hallmark doesn't make a "Congratulations, you didn't marry the wrong guy" card. And where's the flatware for going on vacation alone?"

amen to that. i'm all about being happy for you but enough is fucking enough. the buck literally stops here. also, the thought of making small talk with a bunch of ladies i don't even know is about as appealing as being run over by a car.

so let's summarize here:

  1. i hate walking into places alone
  2. i hate small talk
  3. i hate how i look
  4. i definitely hate showers
  5. i also hate smug married people who make no effort to understand my lifestyle or choices.
oh yeah, i should definitely be around lots of people this weekend.

oh, one more thing i hate: the subway series. and it kills me the mets are in first place and the yanks are not.


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