Monday, May 15, 2006
Monday Morning Quarterback


Saturday was a lovely day, spent with someone who's company I really enjoy. We talk about anything and everything, from the mundane to the serious. He's smart, funny, cute in a dorky way, and I totally dig him. He's single, sweet and employed. The fly in the ointment? He's just not into me. Not that way. You know, THAT way. I don't know why (how can you not love me?) but I know that's the way it is. And I've come to accept it and deal with it.


Not so much.


I spent a good deal of time of yesterday going over Saturday in my head and of course finding a million faults with myself. Why do we do that? Especially when it's something you can't go back and do-over. How much better would life be if we could edit, revise, get it right the second, or third, time. Life as a blog post. Well maybe life wouldn't be so interesting, all that perfection might get boring. But I digress. Did I ever let this poor guy talk? Did I shut up about myself for 5 minutes? Not really. Did I remember to smile and be fun? Not be so fricking morose? Not really. Was I ever not an asshole? Don't think so. Seriously, did I act that bad or is this all in my head? It's not like I can ask him and he's too nice to tell me if I did anyway.

On a totally different note, I kinda have this reunion thing this weekend. Do you think it's possible to lose 30 lbs before Saturday?


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