Wednesday, January 17, 2007
If It's Wednesday It Must Wednesday

Winter has finally arrived in the Northeast and damn! I did not miss the ass-biting cold one bit; I was rather enjoying the global-warmingness.

Since this is turning into the "How Much Lisa Hates Her Job & Just Cant Shut Up About It" blog I'll fill you on the latest goings-on at TCTMPS. Monday night is big to-do black tie event where attendance is mandatory. Just what I want to do - get dressed up and make small talk with strangers. Don't they know that Monday nights are dedicated to the exploits of a certain CTU agent?

I scoured the discount racks last weekend and came up with a not-quite-as-fancy-as my-boss-would-probably-like-outfit but FUCK YOU! If you ain't paying for it, you don't get a saying in it is how I'm thinking. My goal was too pull something together for under a hundred bucks -- which I thankfully was able to do. But back to the point -- that being I HATE MY JOB! Don't get me wrong, most of my co-workers are very nice people, some of whom I would have no objection to going out and having a drink with. But a black tie fucking bullshit gala? And this is after having to work all day and be right back there again bright & early Tuesday morning.

I must stop blogging now and go curl up on the couch with my blanky, kitty and S4 of the Wire.


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