Friday, March 03, 2006
Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

I haven't had much luck with men lately. By lately I mean like in the past decade. It seems that no matter whom I like, they don't return my feelings. What is it about me? Or them? What does this say about the guys I'm attracted to? What does this say about me? At this point I totally don't trust my judgment or my instincts, as there have been several times I KNEW that this guy was into me yet THEY WEREN'T!! Am I reading into things that aren't there? This situation has me totally perplexed and slightly disturbed. Not because I'm a man crazed bitch that isn't complete unless I'm with someone (so over that), but because I simply would like to be in relatively normal happy relationship. I'd like someone to share experiences with, someone to lean on every now and again, to be there for someone. It really seems like everyone in this world is paired up and sometimes being single can be quite a lonely and daunting experience. For a change, it would be nice to be part of something with someone. Someone who's on the same page as me. Or at least reading the same book.

Anonymous TB had this to say:

Yeah, but just because people are paired up, doesn't mean they are any happier than you are. I know plenty of people in relationships who have no business being there, who are only there out of habit or because they are afraid of being alone.

Do you ever read Mdog?
She's dealing with some of these same feelings.

10:37 PM 

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