Friday, February 24, 2006
It's Friday & Am Too Lame & Tired To Come Up With An Original Post

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
have sex (harder than you'd think apparently)
meet & keep soul mate type of guy (!)
go to all the major league ball parks (and the Grand Canyon)
be perfectly happy with myself (gonna take a while)
eat sushi without gagging (doubt it)
make sure all my loved ones know how much they are loved (sappy but true)
find a cure for whatever I'm dying from (reaching a bit here)
Seven Things I Cannot Do:
math (it's not as easy as 1-2-4)
walk slowly (get the fuck out of my way!)
keep my big mouth shut (even when it's in my own best interest)
crafty things (that's what relatives are for)
carry a tune (I'm hopeless)
play an instrument (ditto)
drive a stick shift (can't & that's all there is too it)
Seven Reasons That Attracted Me to Blogging
Opportunity to write about myself (it's all about me, remember?)
Opportunity to meet new people
Opportunity to do something new
Opportunity to relate to others I would never meet
Opportunity to rant and rave in relative anonymity
Opportunity to share my (warped) view of the world with an unsuspecting public
Opportunity to kill a boring Friday afternoon at work
Seven Things I Say Most Often:
I'm calling about your ad.
Give me a break!
Not for nothing
Get the fuck out of my way!
Fuck You!
Leave me alone!
Thank God It's Friday!
Seven Books I Love:
Lovely Bones
Are You There God, It's Me Margaret
One True Thing
Turtle Moon
The Pilots Wife
Homicide: A Year in the Life
Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again:
Almost Famous (one of the best movies ever!)
Terms of Endearment (laughing and crying at the same time!)
Coal Miners Daughter (and I don't even care for Loretta Lynn all that much)
Jerry MacGuire (scene stealer: Bonnie Hunt)
Sound of Music (The hills are alive!)
The Song Remains the Same (does anyone remember laughter?)
Shawshank Redemption (thanks TNT!)
Seven People I Want to Join In:
Please share yours.

Blogger Stationery Queen had this to say:

I can't drive a stick either. I ended up on the sidewalk once trying to parallel park. I CAN parallel park, but not a stick.


5:39 PM 

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