Thursday, March 02, 2006
I Wonder if Mark McGwire Had These Problems

Three months later & I'm still on the prednisone. Every time my dosage decreases the UC crap (HA! A POOP PUN! HAVEN'T HAD ONE OF THOSE IN A LONG TIME) comes back. Which sucks. Big time. I really want to get off the steroids because the side effects are a pain in the ass (2ND! POOP PUN OF THE POST). I'm not worried about the long term ones, it's the ones that I'm experiencing now that are driving me crazy. Let's take a look at the most commonly encountered side effects:

So what does the wise and wonderful Dr. S say? Who the hell knows? He goes into this whole explaination in total Doctor-ese and by the 2nd sentence I'm totally zoned out. I tell him to talk to me in plain ordinary English but when he does I still zone out. Because? Really? I don't want to know the why's and where-for's. I just want to feel better. Without being a sleep-deprived, sweat drenched, runny nosed, fat, pimply, nervous freakazoid.

Blogger east side girl had this to say:

I HATE dr. speak. I think it's mostly a condition caused by pressure from the drug companies. Such a shame.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

8:10 PM 

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