Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Gotta Get Going

I'm in a rut. A big time fucking rut. In every aspect of my life. Socially. Professionally. Mentally. Physically. I need to shut up, stop making excuses and get off my ass. Get going and make some shit happen. Get some purpose and meaning in my life. Gotta take life by the horns.... ok, ok. You get my point. Any suggestions?

Blogger Stationery Queen had this to say:

Hi, Lisa. Thanks for posting the pictures. Nice to see you. *waving*

I don't have any suggestions. I'm still trying to figure it out for myself. I'm happy writing but still feel a void in other ways. At least you're in a cool city. I'm surrounded by hillbillies and farms. HELP!

9:25 PM 

Blogger Janet had this to say:

My advice would be to write more about it here. When I feel this way, it helps to vent. It's just a suggestion, I'm really not THAT nosy.:)

9:09 PM 

Blogger Noojes had this to say:

Go out, get a massage, get your nails and hair done...

Drink a bottle of red wine with some fondue...

It ALWAYS works


5:26 AM 

Blogger Lisa Ann had this to say:

a massage sounds absolutely lovely..... i had one a few months ago and for those 50 minutes i was in heaven.

4:13 PM 

Blogger wordgirl had this to say:

What is it that you want to make happen?
Do you think you're unmotivated? Tell us.

8:35 PM 

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