Thursday, December 08, 2005
Come Out Wherever You Are

Internet I have only one question for you today, and unfortunately all the googling in the world won't answer it: WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ALL MY TEASPOONS? The knives, forks and tablespoons are all present & accounted for, none of them went AWOL. So why in the world would the teaspoons choose to disappear? Maybe they didn't choose to, maybe they were kidnapped and I just haven't received the ransom note yet. Hey what the fuck, that sounds as plausible as anything else. Seriously I'm down to 2. And I hate using that plastic crap. And I'm way too cheap to buy a whole new set of silverware. Even though the forementioned knives, forks and surviving spoons are all pretty nasty at this point. Why is it that when I moved I bought new everything but silverware? Oh yeah, I'm cheap.

UPDATE A FEW MINUTES LATER: OK I'm $70 poorer but now am the proud owner of some new spoons & stuff.

Blogger ~TVS had this to say:

Maybe the spoons followed the socks that always seem to strike out on their own.

7:59 PM 

Blogger Janet had this to say:

I've decided MIA silverware is not unlike the mysterious force that has you missing one sock when you take things out of the dryer.

10:39 AM 

Blogger Lisa Ann had this to say:

Don't EVEN get me started on the MIA socks...

11:39 AM 

Blogger Susie Sunshine had this to say:

I had a spoon disappearing problem a while back.
Then one day I saw a kid finish a yogurt and throw the container away, WITH THE SPOON STILL INSIDE.

Once I quit buying yogurt, the spoon situation cleared right up. :-)

8:11 PM 

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