Friday, November 04, 2005
The Longest Week

between not feeling well & not having anything to do at work each day has just d r a g g e d o n. every minute goes on for about an hour and is pure torture.

my surgery is all set for monday. i'm not really nervous about the actual surgery just the general incomptence of the people in the health care industry. yest. one woman from the hospital called & gave me one set of instructions and today a different woman called, with a totally different set of instructions. now i'm a smart cookie so i ask lots of questions and dont stop until i feel like i have all the info. but what happens to those who are elderly or really sick and don't have the werewithall to get to the bottom of things?

i consider myself a very independent person, i don't like to rely on other people for anything (since they usually dissappoint anyhow). that being said, it would be nice if someone, besides the girls at work and LB, actually asked if they could do anything for me. ok, in all fairness, one of my sisters has volunteered to take me home from the hospital so she's not in the doghouse. but my other sister? my best friend? yes i'm being all brave and nonchalant and shit but you should know me better than that. my supposed best friend? could you have changed the subject any faster when i told you i was going into the hospital? and my sis? acts like she can't be bothered -- and i haven't even asked for anything other than a sympathetic ear.

on a totally different note, i took today's quiet time to finish "under the banner of heaven". i originally picked it up 'cause i like true crime stuff -- (stranger beside me-ann rule, search for the green river killer-carlton smith, fatal vision-joel mcginness to name some of the best ones) -- but it was really the religion aspect of the book that got me. i didn't know really anything about mormonism so this view into the religion was totally fascinating. and scary. very scary. did you ever notice in how most religions it's the men that run things, dictate how things should be and the woman are just servants? if not worse?

it's supposed to be a beautiful sunny warm blue sky kind of late autumn weekend here in the big apple. the marathoners are carbing up, the leaves are finally changing. if you can get out and enjoy. and if you can't ... don't feel bad my life sucks too!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I have also read "Under the Banner of Heaven" recently and found it to be eye opening. I also knew nothing about mormonism befoer the book. I picked it up because of the author.

Very interesting book.

3:59 PM 

Blogger Jackie had this to say:

Hey lisa!
Awesome blog.
Thanks for the link. I have added you to my links, as well. :)

Maddie does do some great work!

1:48 AM 

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