Thursday, May 19, 2005
100 Things You Wanted to Know About Me*

*but were afraid to ask

  1. Some of my earliest memories are of being in the car with my family.
  2. My sisters always made me sit in the middle.
  3. I am the youngest of three girls.
  4. My best friend, Liz Pyles, died at 24.
  5. I think of her whenever I smell honeysuckle.
  6. Im still in touch with her family. Her daughter, Toni, is now 22. Or will be in July. Sometimes I lose track.
  7. My hair is naturally curly but not naturally highlighted.
  8. My first concert was YES at MSG in '79. I wore an orange halter top and cowboy hat.
  9. I always thought I was cool.
  10. Dammit, I am cool.
  11. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees but my first baseball game was a Mets game.
  12. I was 10 years old and got the tickets from saving coupons on the milk cartons.
  13. Four is my favorite number. I have no idea why.
  14. No kids for me. Too scared they would turn out like me.
  15. I have never ridden on a motorcycle.
  16. Scruffy looking men turn me on.
  17. Clean cut = boring.
  18. My parents died three months apart four years ago.
  19. I think of them everyday and miss them like you wouldn't believe..
  20. I've lost a lot of people that I loved.
  21. I get jealous sometimes of my friends whose families are intact.
  22. I get pissed that mine is not.
  23. I love going places- I just hate having to get there.
  24. My cat’s names are Honi & Tiger.
  25. Tiger is a real beast - he can also be a real pussycat
  26. I love my cats very much.
  27. I am terrified of dogs and will cross the street to avoid them. Even if it’s a little Taco Bell dog.
  28. Speaking of Taco Bell, that's my favorite fast food place. A bean burrito/no onions = yummy!!
  29. I can kick your ass at Scrabble.
  30. But I always lose at Uno.
  31. I do the Sunday Times crossword puzzle in ink.
  32. By Friday my puzzle page is a mess.
  33. Ice cream gives me a stomach-ache.
  34. Taco Bell does not.
  35. I love music but cannot play an instrument to save my life.
  36. Or carry a tune for that matter.
  37. I’m an early bird.
  38. And I’m always on time.
  39. My room is hot fuchsia pink.
  40. I'm grown woman with a hot fuchsia pink bedroom.
  41. I started smoking when I was 14 -- I still haven’t quit.
  42. Yes, I know how bad it is, I don’t need you to tell me, thank you.
  43. I stopped biting my nails five years ago.
  44. One of my nicknames as a teenager was the “Rock & Roll Outlaw”
  45. My favorite band was Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  46. My friend Gary turned me onto them.
  47. Shortly after he did their plane crashed.
  48. I have the "Street Survivors" album with the flames on the front.
  49. It's a collector’s item.
  50. Or would be if I hadn't opened it, written my name on it and generally ruined it.
  51. I am very independent.
  52. I like my independence, maybe a bit too much.
  53. I really, really hate asking people for favors.
  54. I’ve always lived in an apt, never a house.
  55. I'm a city girl.
  56. Clowns freak me out.
  57. That has nothing to do with me being a city girl.
  58. Street corner Santa's freak me out too.
  59. I lost my virginity at 15.
  60. We were in love.
  61. No, really we were.
  62. We were together for six months before doing “the deed.”
  63. I was not his first.
  64. I was quite jealous of the girl that was.
  65. We were together for about a year and half after that.
  66. Sex was great.
  67. I curse like a sailor.
  68. With my mouth, I can make a sailor blush.
  69. When did sailors get such a bad rap anyway?
  70. I can also burp at will & really loud too!
  71. I've always felt more comfortable being one of the boys.
  72. I loved "Sex & The City"
  73. Now I love "The Wire"
  74. And I don’t even have HBO.
  75. I think indoor plumbing is in the top ten of most important inventions.
  76. I've been working for the same company since 1989.
  77. I've met some great people.
  78. Most of them left the company ages ago.
  79. Growing up I wanted to be either: a writer, DJ, lawyer or long distance truck driver.
  80. I do none of those things.
  81. Thanks to my I-River I get to be my own DJ.
  82. But that's not what I had in mind.
  83. When I was a kid and would hear adults say they didn’t drink I always wondered "don’t they get thirsty?"
  84. I got kicked out of Girl Scouts for being a bad influence.
  85. My mother was not happy about that.
  86. I am named after my great-grandmother on my father's side.
  87. I possess a driver's license but haven't driven in years.
  88. I failed my road test twice.
  89. My father taught at a driving school part-time.
  90. For his full-time job he was a chemist.
  91. I sucked at chemistry.
  92. I have a crush on someone who is SO NOT INTO ME.
  93. If I had three wishes I would always use one to ask for more wishes.
  94. I can't believe I killed a whole afternoon doing this list.
  95. I've been to Oklahoma. Voluntarily.
  96. I don’t think I'll be going back any time soon.
  97. I would love to go to Alaska.
  98. I have a great sense of humor but suck at telling jokes.
  99. I’m sure I will think of 100 other things after I post this list
  100. 'Cause I’m like that.


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