Monday, May 16, 2005
The Bambi Chronicles

What a beautiful movie! I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. The animation, the color, the story, the use of the weather/seasons as a metaphor for the cirlce of life, love, loss.... All this in 1 hour & 7 minutes. Wow.

This weekend was pretty good, it never really rained as the weather people had predicted. Gee, the weather people were wrong.... how come I'm not shocked? These are people that get paid thousands upon thousands of $$$ to do their job correctly only about 50% of the time. They have all this sophisticated equipment (the doppler 6000), charts, graphics, bells & whistles and yet.... If I only did my job right half the time I would not have a job.
The kids came over, we all went to dinner. It's amazing how totally different the kids act around their parents (like real brats) but are so good when the parents leave. I love the fact that the kids are real comfortable staying with me. The hours passed quickly enough and they didn't terrorize my cats too much so all in all a good experience.


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