Friday, May 13, 2005
Happy Friday the 13th!!

The way my life has been going lately if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all so it being Fri. the 13th doesnt scare me in any way. I mean, it's a Friday, how scary can that be? Maybe I should walk under a couple of ladders, or jump in front of some black cats, maybe that will reverse the curse.

Speaking of curses, I read an amusing line about the Red Sox. It said "There was no curse, the Sox just sucked for 87 years" Pretty funny. It still hurts to think about the Yanks losing the ALCS to them last year, especially after being up 3 games to none. Then 3 games to one. Then... well you get the idea.

Why do people like Michael McDonald? There's only one song of his I like "I Keep Forgetting." Other than that.... bleck!!

Gonna watch my friends kids (6 & 10) tomorrow night, I rented Bambi. I don't remember seeing it as a child, although I'm sure I must have? There's so much of my childhood I don't know or remember and there's really not too many people that can fill me in. Anyway, back to Bambi-watching: does watching animated forest critters get blown to smithereens qualify as quality time? I sure hope so. I usually have an idea or two of something to do with the kids, I try to make coming to my house a highlight, but I can't seem to come up with anything that holds my interest, much less theirs. They like coming downtown since they don't usually get to do that with their parents, but I dunno.... especially since I have to run errands downtown in the morning. I guess I can play it by ear.

I caught the last episode of "SATC" on TBS the other night.... was I the only one who was not happy with that ending? It was sooo sappy... and "SATC" was so NOT sappy. I saw the alternate endings and they all sucked too.


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