Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Death to HP Part II

Well the POS HP I bought to replace the other POS HP got returned on Sat. Why? Because the POS HP didn't work -- and HP Customer Service rep (the 8th circle of hell) had the gall, the gall I say, to tell me "You must've broke it." LOVELY. Make a fucking crappy product, then accuse the customer breaking it, when it's not out of the box for 5 minutes. I bought an EMachine and that seems to be working beautifully. Thanks Gateway! And just for good measure, the HP Scanner I bought, also a POS, scanned one picture and then didnt work anymore. Instead of stressing out, I just trotted to Target & got my $$ back. I

Blogger Helen had this to say:

I built my own computer from scratch (well, I say that I built, but really my friend did!) so even though I don't have warrently over the whole thing, all the parts do, and it's built entirely to my specs, so thats cool!

8:45 AM 

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