Thursday, June 08, 2006
another post where i profess my hatred for many many things

Things I hate: (in no particular order)

blogger. please just fix it already.
people with those huge ass golf umbrellas. HELLO! you're not on the golf course, you're on the streets of manhattan with about a bazillion other people. we are not impressed.
people with those huge ass golf umbrellas who are also text messaging at the same time they are walking down the street. please just die now.
the shoe industry. can you please make a nice dressy sandal with a normal size heel? you know -- for those people that actually have to walk in their shoes. is that too much too ask?
steroids. not talking about the cream & the clear here, just the fucking goddamn prednisone that i'm still taking. 6 months later. oh what i wouldn't do for a zit-free face.
amazon. pray tell - if the book and dvd i ordered are in stock why have you not shipped it out 3 days after i placed my order? don't make me hate you amazon. you will regret it.
myself. for getting all worked up over B. (yet again).


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