Sunday, November 05, 2006
All She Wants to do is Pants!

A beautiful crisp fall day with an impossibly blue sky. A credit card and over 200 stores for the taking.

Yesterday I headed up north to Woodbury Commons with my sis & the BIL. The goal? Pants. While Mother Nature cooperated, the discounted retail gods were against me. Jones NY? The one pair they had in my size that I liked: stained. The Gap? Forget it. Eddie Bauer? Had the the perfect paints. Perfect in every way except they didn't have my size. The list goes on and on.... I did however buy about $50 worth of socks. I may be forced to wear the same pants over and over but by god I now have a vast selection of socks! So if you see a 40-something, curly haired female on the streets of NYC with no pants but great socks, you know it's me!


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