Sunday, August 27, 2006
In The Heat of the Moment

I cheated on my boyfriend with one of his best friends. Bad enough to cheat but to breach the sancity of the best friend circle? Double shame on me. I loved hanging out with Bren's friends, and they accepted and embraced me as one of their own so when I betrayed him I also betrayed them.

I read in the paper today that the "supergroup" ASIA has reunited. And that brought back a flood of (not so good memories) of that time. One night, the whole group of us, along with my friend Kat had gone to see ASIA down at the Palladium on 14th Street. Before I tell you the rest of the story, keep in mind:

a. my history of running away (even though this was 4 years later and I was 18 now)
b. i was fooling around with my boyfriends friend
c. Kat & I had done a hit of mesc

Maybe because of the drugs, maybe because of lust, I had the bright idea to slip Dick a note telling him to come back after everyone had been dropped off. So I pretended to go upstairs but really waited for Dick to come back for me. We then went to his house and screwed our brains out. Come morning Dick & I head back to my house, figuring my parents had left for work and we'd continue our tryst. What I didn't count on was my parents were still because I didn't come home the night before and had assumed I'd run away again. Luckily I had rang the intercom before going upstairs, to make sure the coast was clear so we didn't get busted head on. But I still had to deal wtih my parents. My parents who called my friends asking had they seen me. Poor Kat. How confused was she? Here she had seen me get out of the car, supposedly go upstairs and now my parents were saying I hadn't come home. And then there was the matter of Brendan. Who also had seen me supposedly go upstairs. Well, due to some fast-talking on my part I managed to get my parents calmed down and to convince my boyfriend that I had spent the night at another friends house and totally play it off like it was no big deal.

He's since forgave me but I've always felt so bad about the cheating and lying. It wasn't the first or last time I did that to him but that one night left an especially bad taste in my mouth. And since that night whenever I hear ASIA I cringe from the memory.

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