Thursday, April 27, 2006
Why I Hate Everyone & Everything Part I of ???

If you don't want to hear how I'm feeling: don't ask. I still might give you the gory details unsolicited but not asking definitely decreases the risk.

Do not give me medical advice unless your name has an MD after it. If you are my sister you are not exempt from this rule.

Don't put 16 gazillon men on base and only score 2 runs. That sucks and is boring.

I don't care if it's what's in. Unless you have great looking legs (hint: great looking legs do not look like tree stumps) do not give in to the rolled up jeans to the knees look. And if you must be a shameless follower, shave your legs ladies.

Here's a novel idea: instead of talking about your wedding all day why don't you actually do some work?

Guess what people? It's not illegal (yet) to smoke on the streets of NY. So quit with the hand waving, commenting and fake gagging when walking past me. Don't like it? Go live in L.A.


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